Best streaming services


Disney announced the arrival of a new bundle. The new bundle includes a combination of Disney+, ad free Hulu and ESPN plus for a reasonable price of €15.69. 

A reasonable price and something to take into consideration when purchased separately ESPN plus costs €4.97 per month, Hulu cost €9.95 per month and Disney €5.80 per month, which would have costed €20.72. 

The new bundle would save customers in total. 

Unfortunately, there is no student discount, but the price is reasonable enough to spent without feeling too guilty. 


Netflix is one of the most popular entertainment platforms when we want to sit back and relax Netflix is there to accommodate our needs. No matter where you are around the world we literally Netflix and Chill, for real. The big red N is recognisable anywhere, and the price is a big bonus.  

Pros – A huge selection of Movies and TV Shows 


Exclusive Original Content 

4K Ultra HD capability


No live tv or sports on offer

Long wait on non-Netflix TV Show

Amazon Prime Video – If you are an Amazon Prime user, Amazon Prime Video is a huge perk as a member as it includes movies, exclusive series and 4K Ultra HD videos but if you are not a member and you aren’t taking advantage of the free shipping and discounts. Prime does not offer enough and it is not worth the pay. For an annual membership, its €98.76 or €10.78 per month, luckily there’s a special discount for students. If you’re a student, I’ll take full advantage of the special offer. Students get a no cost trial for 6 months and later a discounted price of €5.39 p/m or €48.97 annually. 

4oD – Channel 4 on Demand offer multipul streaming platforms, from Android Tv to Web. The best part is that 4oD is subscription free, but you’ll have to deal with ads.  

On the web –


Complete range of content 

Great quality videos for newer content

Live streams

Great interface


Not good for lounging 

Login fails to have cross platform features.

IOS – Pros

Sleek and easy to use. 

Offers offline downloads.

Easy to use UI.

Good video quality 


No AirPlay

No live streams 

No access to account features, playlist, history etc

Samsung TV – 


4Od on TV

Great video quality

Easy to use UI.


No live streaming

No favourite or recently watched lists.

No cross platform access.

NOW TV – Better then SKY

Now TV is a SKY streaming service, that offers access to hundreds of TV shows, live shows, and movies. There are 5 different passes to pick from, lasting for 30 days at a time. They range from kids shows to reality TV. Can be watched on tablets, computer, smartphones, some smart TVs, set up boxes, game consoles and streaming devices. 

Now Tv package includes:

€11.99 for Entertainment Pass

€13.99 for Sky Cinema Pass

€5.60 for Hayu

€4.55 for Kids Pass.

€38.75 for Sky sports Month Pass

€11.99 for Sky Sports Day Pass


Downable App for all devices 

Easy cancelation 

Access to Sky contents

Decent Prices 


NO 4K option

Bad search function 

Apple TV+ (Good for Apple fans)

Apple TV+ is a on-demand service streaming TV Series. Its content is all new and all original, unlike Netflix or Hulu where there’s no familiar movies or shows from other sources. Fortunately for non-Apple users, Apple TV+ runs well on non-IOS devices (works best with Apple to Apple).

For the price of €4.14, you sign up for a couple of cool originals but a lot of “Coming Soon”, although Apple has potential, right now there is just not much there. 

YouTube – the best overall

For €44.77 p/m, you get 85+ cables and local channels plus an unlimited cloud DVR, so worth the price. Previously €34.43 it was updated to its current price of €6.88. Although the price increased a bit, they added over a dozen more entertainment channels, giving it one of the most fastest channel line-ups in livestreaming. 


Its intuitive interface and simple

85+ channels. TenEighty, Homecoming, Upload among others. 

Unlimited DVR


A lot more expensive

No NFL Network/RedZone

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