The Jerusalem Challenge Viral in Ireland


What started as a challenge from the Swiss Police to An Garda Shoshanna, went viral and brought smiles to many faces across Ireland.

The Swiss Police challenged An Garda Siochana to do the Jerusalem Challenge.  They accepted and performed, adding a bit of Irish culture in the mix to spice it up a bit.  The video went viral. 

Later when the video went viral, the Swiss army replied, admitting defeating and later hanging an Irish tricolor out the window of the police building.

SuperValu workers and nurses also took to the challenge, partaking in the fun and bringing smiles and happiness through these difficult times, something we need during these tough times.

The gospel influenced house song by South African producer Master KG, performed by singer-songwriter Nomcebo. The viral song is in Zulu and has become popular across the globe despite the language – after all music is the universal language. 

The challenge started off in February last year, when Fenomenos do Semba, an Angolan group in south-west Africa recorded themselves doing the dance while eating without dropping their plates. 

The Garda attempt at the Jerusalem dance inspired countless other individuals, business and other communities across Ireland. Some of Ireland’s front-line workers also appeared on The Late Late Show, performing the viral dance routine.

The Jerusalem challenge became a worldwide sensation, bringing smiles and laughter during these thought times.

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