8 books to watch out for in 2023

By Evis Zogaj.

There are sometimes large lines in the library, especially for popular 2023 book releases, because we hate being late to events, especially book parties. 

 How can you choose the best decision given the abundance of books coming out in 2023, particularly if you have a limited amount of reading time? 

 What if you want to read something that is not on the list of books recommended by a celebrity book club? 

 While we like reading literary buzz, we also want to contribute to its creation, especially given that lists of upcoming books for 2023 frequently feature the same names. 

Find some lesser-known new novels here, along with some large and small-name successful writers. Visit previously reviewed authors again and get to know new authors. 

The upcoming book releases in 2023 promises to expand your knowledge, make you weep, take you on a journey, and encourage you to read outside of your comfort zone.  

Highly suspicious and unfairly cute by Talia Hibbert 

Publication date: January 3 2023 

She has a sizable social media following and is an outsider who is preoccupied with conspiracy theories. He is the best student in (nearly) all his subjects and a fantastic football player with OCD. Since Bradley Graeme dumped Celine Bangura to hang out with the elite, the two of them have been ex-best friends. Celine, at least, said so.  

These days, all they do is swap insults and test results, waiting for fate to reunite them as co-participants in an outdoor survival challenge. Will they be able to cooperate to prevail? This story of enemies-to-lovers is one of the most enjoyable and enjoyable new book releases of 2023. 

City Under One Roof by Iris Yamashita 

Publication date: January 10, 2023 

Little Point Mettier, Alaska There are 205 people living there, and the only way to get there is through a certain tunnel. 

 And body pieces begin washing up on the shoreline of this town. 

 Detective Cara Kennedy is sent from Anchorage to investigate the case of the mysteriously severed hand and foot. 

 The occupants, who all appear to reside in the same high-rise building, give her the chilly shoulder as she works with neighborhood police officer Joe Barkowski. 

 Cara realizes she will not be getting any help anytime soon as a blizzard closes the tunnel to the outside world. 

 Unquestionably one of the most suspenseful new book releases of 2023 is City Under One Roof. 

The Survivalists by Kashana Cauley 

Publication date: January 10, 2023 

Aretha is an African-American attorney who has always been eager to excel and is content to stay alone in order to increase her chances of finding a spouse. 

But when she meets coffee businessperson Aaron and moves in with him and his housemates, everything changes. 

She had no idea that his roommates were prepared for the end of the world and believed it was imminent. 

 But as Aretha spends more time with them, the more she is drawn into their bizarre subterranean world of weapons caches and the end times. and the more it makes sense. 

 One of the most exciting new novels of 2023 and a fantastic way to start the reading year is The Survivalists. 

Vampire Weekend by Mike Chen 

Publication date: January 31, 2023 

Are you aware that almost all the information you have heard about vampires is false? They are unable to fly, like killing humans, and most definitely do not change into bats. 

 They like to always remain unnoticed. Louise Chao finds this to be exceedingly challenging because all she wants is to join a band without being noticed. 

 She can play the guitar and knows a lot more about underground punk rock than you would imagine from the way she looks. She only must locate the appropriate group to rekindle her sense of connection. 

 She eventually connects with a like-minded person when her irritable teenage grandnephew arrives. but only briefly. 

For fans of vampire literature and novels with musicians, Vampire Weekend is one of the most anticipated book releases of 2023. 

Someone Else’s Life by Lyn Liao Butler 

Publication date: February 1, 2023 

For Annie Lin, everything comes at once. 

 Her dancing studio first declares bankruptcy. Then, in the same year that her son suffers a crippling injury, she also loses her mother and her beloved companion dog. 

 She moves to Kauai with her husband and children in search of fresh sea air and relaxing beach days, seizing the chance for a new beginning. 

 Then, however, odd occurrences begin to take place; long-lost items start to crop up at Annie’s house, and the unexpected visit of a strange woman one stormy night will lead Annie down a path from which she could never recover. 

 This is one of the February 2023 book releases for you if you want a nice tense and eerie environment. 

Hungry Ghosts by Kevin Jared Hosein 

Publication date: February 7, 2023 

While people who reside in the Barrack below are battling for survival, Dalton and Marlee Changoor lead a luxurious existence on their farm at the top of the hill. 

Each of the rooms in the dilapidated Barrack, one of which is occupied by Hans, Shweta, and their son Krishna Saroop, can accommodate a complete family. 

Hans seizes the chance to advance to the Changoor farm as a lookout guard after Dalton goes missing. 

The neighborhood enters a state of crisis as the mystery surrounding Dalton’s disappearance grows and the lives of the wealthy and the destitute start to converge. 

VenCo by Cherie Dimaline 

Publication date: February 7, 2023 

Métis millennial Lucky St. James senses something calling to her from the kitchen wall one evening while she is still in shock at the news of her impending eviction from her Toronto apartment.  

She is able to unearth an antique spoon that is inscribed with the letters SALEM and a witch with a crooked nose. 

 Unbeknownst to her, she has just found one of the seven spoons that were lost and will assist in restoring the witches of North America to their proper position of authority. 

 Lucky must travel to the darkly magical city of New Orleans with her cranky grandma Stella for a confrontation that will determine the fate of the entire universe. 

 VenCo is a must-read for everyone interested in Indigenous literature and one of the most creative forthcoming fantasy book releases of 2023. 

Feed Them Silence by Lee Mandelo

Publication date: March 14, 2023

Dr. Sean Kell-Luddon has always yearned to see what it is like to view and experience the world through a wolf’s perspective.

She has been working tirelessly on developing a brain interface to transfer a wolf’s experiences into her own head.

As the borders between scientist and animal subject start to blur, it is both beautiful and devastating when she finally obtains favorable findings.

As she devolves farther into her fixation, Sean’s wife isolates herself more and more. Will the allure of the wolf group cause her to go insane? Read to find out

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