Pedal Power

by Rory McGinn

When John Molloy moved to Tallaght his friends told him he’d never cycle again but 34 years later, John is still proving them wrong.

“All my friends said that’s the end of your cycling because its too far from everywhere,” John remembers , “ten worn bikes later he is still commuting to work nearly everyday”.

John is the Co – Ordinator of Cinematography in Ballyfermot College of Further Education (BCFE)- a ten kilometre distance from his home in Tallaght. When in BCFE you can never miss John , coming in on his bike with his unique style and hair.

John has been cycling for almost 60 years, never had a car and hates getting public transport. The main reason for that is the reliability of having a bike like if anything goes wrong your always able to fix it on the go and having a bike is a much more cost effective way of transport compared to a car.

The only time John wouldn’t be on his bike is when its icy but apart from that he will always commute to work with his beloved bike.

“ I can cycle in the wind, the rain and the snow but the ice is just too dangerous”

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