Pets & Mental Health

Rory McGinn

Borrow a dog to boost your mental health! 

That’s the advice being given by college guidance counsellor Aideen Lyster. She was speaking at a virtual panel discussion hosted by Inchicore College at their Health and Wellbeing Week.  

Having a pet has been scientifically proven to ease anxiety and boost self-confidence. The routine of having a pet like going for walks, feeding and cleaning your pet also helps students who are on the autistic spectrum as it adds a structure to their life which helps minimize the symptoms of different types of conditions that are on the spectrum. Lastly pets, especially dogs, give their owner unconditional love which offers a student who suffers badly with anxiety and depression the feeling of not being isolated. 

So if you have a neighbour with a dog why not offer to walk them every few days. If that does help your mental health then maybe you could think of adopting a dog in a place like the ISPCA  

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