Queen of England “Lady Jane Grey” Queen for nine days 

By Lilov Mohammad

Royal thrones have victims due to palace plots hatched at night, and Lady Jane Gray, known as the “Queen of the Nine Days,” was one of the victims of those conspiracies in England. She lost her life at the age of 17, after she was executed on charges of treason and conspiracy against the throne, despite her  The fact that she did not conspire and was never preoccupied with ruling, as she was one of the most important signs of this time.  But it was a real threat to Queen Mary, daughter of King Henry. 

Jane has lived a tragic life since her childhood, despite the fact that she belongs to a noble family and is close to the royal family.  However, she was subjected to ill-treatment that amounted to physical abuse from her parents, who forced her, at the age of 15, to marry “Guildford Dudley,” son of “John Dudley,” Lord Protector of the young King Edward VI, son and heir of Henry. 

Jane is a wonderful scientist who the world has lost 

Jane studied Latin, Greek and Hebrew and became fluent in French and Italian;  She was a genius in her time, and she was the great-granddaughter of King Henry, and the niece of King Henry VIII, who was succeeded to the throne by his son King Edward in 1547 when he was 10 years old. 

Edward VI was the owner of a major ideological change in the kingdom, and at the age of 15 he became seriously ill and there are rumors that he died of poisoning, but in any case, he wanted to preserve this change so he manipulated the laws of the throne and removed his two sisters, Mary and Elizabeth, from the line of inheritance  throne, and recommended declaring “Jeanne” queen of the country after his death. 

 In 1553, less than a month before she became queen, she married Jane. Her father-in-law was the protector of King Edward VI and supported the king’s decision to make his daughter-in-law queen of the country. After the king’s death in July 1553, Jane was declared Queen of England and Ireland.  

Queen of the Nine Days 

On July 10, 1553, Jane was declared queen, and she waited for the coronation in the Tower of London, but the country was not satisfied with it, and preferred the direct and real royal line. Suddenly, the Privy Council in England changed and declared Mary Queen on July 19, 1553. 

Jane, who was forced to do all these matters related to the throne, was faced with plotting with her father-in-law, the Duke of Northumberland and treason, and was placed in the Tower of “Odin” as a prisoner, and in November she was accused of high treason due to the involvement of her father, Henry Grey, 1st Duke of Suffolk, in a rebellion  White against Queen Mary’s intention to marry Philip II of Spain in early 1554. 

Although “Jeanne” did not conspire and had nothing to do with what happened, she was a threat to the royal crown, and after the defeat of the rebellion she was sentenced to death, and she was beheaded on February 12, 1554, and it is said that “Jeanne” acted bravely before her execution. 

She was taken to Tower Green, part of Tower Hill in London, and as she was approaching the scaffold, Jane said to the executioner, “I pray that you will send me quickly.”  Your hands praise my soul.” 

Lady Jane Gray was Queen of England from 10 July 1553 to 19 July 1553, making her the shortest reign of any monarch in England in history. 

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