Best places to eat at Liffey Valley Shopping Centre.

By Raymond Errity

I’ve always loved going to Liffey Valley Shopping Centre to get some new clothes or a new Blu-Ray or to see a movie but one of the best things about Liffey Valley Shopping Centre is how many options there are for food. Nearly everywhere you look, there’s a different kind of restaurant right in front of you and sometimes, they can be right next to each other. The Food Court isn’t even the only option. Here are the best restaurants in Liffey Valley Shopping Centre that I have been to and that I would recommend to anyone needing a good meal.


Nando’s is in one of the first restaurants you will see at Liffey Valley if you go in through the western entrance next to the Vue cinema. It serves flame-grilled peri-peri styled chicken along with other meals. Nando’s can be very spicy as a result, but they do have a scale of spiciness for those who don’t like too much spice in their meals. I haven’t been to Nando’s in a while, but I can still remember the taste of their chicken and how even at the lowest settings, it can be very good for those who like to spice up their lives every now and then. If it’s too spicy for you then you can go across to Boots which is directly opposite of Nando’s to get a drink to cool down.

Eddie Rocket’s

Eddie Rocket’s is right beside Nando’s at the front of the Western entrance beside Vue. This restaurant has an old-timey American diner theme including metal tissue boxes, red and white striped seats and jukeboxes at every table. The food they serve is top notch as well. It’s basically the kind of menu you would expect from a diner and it’s all well prepared with plenty of paprika. They have a good amount of options for drinks ranging from water to milk to different kinds of soft drinks.


We all know McDonald’s at this point. If anyone you know says they’ve never heard of McDonald’s, they are lying to you or trying to wind you up. There are two McDonald’s in the Liffey Valley area. One of which is in the other area with Curry’s and Argos. The other is in the Shopping Centre’s Food Court. They’re both excellent quality with all of their items and everything is delivered on time. The one in the Food Court doesn’t have the option of a Drive Thru unlike the outside McDonald’s but it’s just as fast due to it being right in the middle of Liffey Valley meaning there will always be lots of traffic.

Burger King

Burger King is another massive fast-food company with a place in the Liffey Valley Food Court. It has more options in terms of burgers than McDonald’s so if you can’t find something you like there then Burger King might be the place for you. The lines aren’t too long because it’s on the other side of the food court from McDonald’s and some of the other restaurants. The non-burger options are excellent too and nothing ever takes too long to be prepared for the customer.

Other Options

There are obviously many other great options for food at Liffey Valley Shopping Centre such as Ginzeng and Gourmet Burger Kitchen but the ones I have written about are the ones I have been to in the shopping centre. I hope you all consider these options the next time you go to Liffey Valley Shopping Centre.

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