• Mary Kennedy, an Irish television personality, created Fad Saoil, a programme to highlight the beneficial and adverse aspects of ageing.

    Mary Kennedy, an Irish television personality, created Fad Saoil, a programme to highlight the beneficial and adverse aspects of ageing.

    By Evis Zogaj Mary Kennedy is the living proof that “age is just a number”. The formerly retired Irish Television Personality and former Newscaster proves with the release of the television program Fad Saoil (TG4, Wednesday, 9.30 p.m.) argues that women in their 60s and beyond may still lead satisfying lives and have an important…

  • Referee Abuse- A Personal Insight

    Referee Abuse- A Personal Insight

    By Oisin Coyne Refereeing is arguably the toughest job in sport. With as much physical work to be done on the pitch as the players they are surrounded by, concentration levels and decision making standards have to be 100%. With rule and technology changes being introduced to modern sport to assist referees, there has been…

  • Cheap Travel Made Easy

    Cheap Travel Made Easy

    By Oisin Coyne As someone who has visited 15 different countries in the last 12 months, I can say that the best piece of advice I could offer someone looking to travel the world is to “follow deals, not destinations.” To put it simply, everyone has heir dream destinations. Maybe you want to climb the…

  • Electric Cars: The Lies of the Future

    By Raymond Errity For many years, the Media has reported electric cars as being the way of the future and the only way people should have private transportation. They have claimed that electric cars are 100% clean and that petrol and diesel cars are killing the planet and are more expensive to run. This has…

  • Nomination in 2023

    Nomination in 2023

    By Evis Zogaj. With 11 nominations, the weird and poignant movie “Everything Everywhere All at Once” took the top spot among those up for the 95th Academy Awards on Tuesday. With nine nominations apiece, “The Banshees of Inisherin” and “All Quiet on the Western Front” came in second and third. Both of the blockbusters “Top…

  • Workshop with Claire Twomey in BCFE

    Workshop with Claire Twomey in BCFE

    By Evis Zogaj. Claire Twomey, a Professional and Advanced ADHD Coach, shares with BCFE students the strengths ADHDers possess in appreciation of their achievements during ADHD Awareness Month in October.  She explains how ADHDers have many strengths and advantages in Ireland and society.  Claire quotes, the Neurodiversity pioneer, Judie Singer’s and her work on Neurodiversity,…

  • 8 books to watch out for in 2023

    8 books to watch out for in 2023

    By Evis Zogaj. There are sometimes large lines in the library, especially for popular 2023 book releases, because we hate being late to events, especially book parties.   How can you choose the best decision given the abundance of books coming out in 2023, particularly if you have a limited amount of reading time?   What if…

  • Review: The Love Hypothesis

    Review: The Love Hypothesis

    By Evis Zogaj. My heart was stolen by The Love Hypothesis when it sneaked up on me. It was utterly seductive, erotic, addictive, and angry! I love the fake dating cliche, and it added a lot of emotional force to this novel in addition to making it a lot of fun. Contemporary romance readers will…

  • Review: Purple Hearts

    Review: Purple Hearts

    By Evis Zogaj. Purple Hearts plays out like a conservative fanfiction and is predicted to be Netflix’s most viewed movie of the year. The 2022 released film tries to portray a relationship between two people who are on opposing sides of the political spectrum, but its obsession with finding all its sympathies inside the American…

  • Queen of England “Lady Jane Grey” Queen for nine days 

    Queen of England “Lady Jane Grey” Queen for nine days 

    By Lilov Mohammad Royal thrones have victims due to palace plots hatched at night, and Lady Jane Gray, known as the “Queen of the Nine Days,” was one of the victims of those conspiracies in England. She lost her life at the age of 17, after she was executed on charges of treason and conspiracy…

  • Pets & Mental Health

    Pets & Mental Health

    Rory McGinn Borrow a dog to boost your mental health!  That’s the advice being given by college guidance counsellor Aideen Lyster. She was speaking at a virtual panel discussion hosted by Inchicore College at their Health and Wellbeing Week.   Having a pet has been scientifically proven to ease anxiety and boost self-confidence. The routine of…

  • Health and Wellbeing Week

    Health and Wellbeing Week

    Lee Carrdoyle Check out Health and Wellbeing Week from the 16th to the 20th of January at Inchicore College of Further Education!   The College is holding talks to help people manage their mental health, in their first talk on Monday, it was mentioned by Ethan Taylor that physical activity can have a positive effect on…