• Best streaming services

    Best streaming services

    Disney+ Disney announced the arrival of a new bundle. The new bundle includes a combination of Disney+, ad free Hulu and ESPN plus for a reasonable price of €15.69.  A reasonable price and something to take into consideration when purchased separately ESPN plus costs €4.97 per month, Hulu cost €9.95 per month and Disney €5.80…

  • Explainer – What happened with GameStop?

    Explainer – What happened with GameStop?

    THEOBALD MCDONALD History may record what happened last week as ‘The Battle for GameStop’ – where the inner workings of hedge fund managers, who were hoping for GameStops demise met a surprise attack by the collective might of online Reddit users. This David vs. Goliath type occurrence has caused, overnight a major shift in the…

  • The best tech of 2020

    Zainab Alli  2020 has had its ups and downs but not all things have been bad. One thing to look forward to is new technology out this year. Here is some of the best technology of 2020. PlayStation 5 – Ever since PlayStation 5 launched, everyone’s wanted their hands on it. First launched 12th November in…